NewsTastic TuesDays


Tuesdays seem like a good day to read the news, and I’m going to bring it right to you!

As a journalist, I thought it would be snazzy to share some of the many articles I read, skim, share and write. 

Please take a few moments away from the good ole’ FB/IG scroll of memes, gifs and malarkey and read some true journalistic content! Enjoy a selection of news I liked in categories of World, National, Northeast Wisconsin, WI Agriculture, Journalism and something by me!

World: See Stunning Moon Photos from China’s Lunar Lander (National Geographic)

I love outer space! It’s awesome to see new shots of the Moon and with the help of China’s moon program.

P.S. Read The Martian by Andy Weir

National: Learn how the Iowa caucuses work in 60 seconds (Des Moines Register/USA TODAY NETWORK)

Iowans caucused yesterday. Cruz and Hillz/Bernie came out on top in their respective parties. Iowa may not have a lot of votes in the electoral college, but they caucus first and in an interesting way. Here’s a great video describing just how they work.

Northeast Wisconsin: Out-of-state Avery supporters join protest (Herald Times Reporter)

If you haven’t heard, Steven Avery is hotttt news. Manitowoc is in my backyard, and it got interesting a few days ago during a peaceful protest at the county courthouse pushing for Avery and Brendan Dassey’s release. People from out of state showed up, and people in Manitowoc have mixed reviews.

Wisconsin Agriculture: Valders couple named Outstanding Young Farmers (Agri-View)

The Mark and Angie Ulness family received the 63rd-annual award for their work to update their milking system, installing a milk pasteurizer, building a two million-gallon clay-lined manure pit and a runoff capture system.

Journalism: Nashoba Tech board ignores public’s right to know (The Lowell Sun)

A female reporter in Mass. was basically the object of blatant sexism during a public meeting. My frustration at what happened to this reporter, who was doing her job, makes me wonder if female journalists will ever be taken seriously. Kudos to the reporter, Melissa Hanson.

Written By Me: Memory Cafe provides community, interaction for those with dementia (Door County Advocate)

I had the amazing opportunity to go to a Memory Cafe in Sturgeon Bay, where people with different forms of dementia and memory loss gather with their caregivers for a fun, social event.

~Do you have any news stories that you bookmarked, saved to Pocket or flagged on Facebook that you would like to share? I’d love to see what you’re reading.



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