NewsTastic TuesDays: 3rd Edition



OK, tirade on flexing your muscles of a democratic society over.

Time for the news, of the interesting and engaging. Enjoy!


Instagram now allows you to seamlessly switch accounts. (Instagram)

Social: Instagram now lets you switch between multiple accounts Verge)

Praise the stars above, because Instagram just got better. I’ve been hoping they would add a “switch account” feature for like two years. I manage a few accounts, and logging out and logging back into a different one is a pain. Also, that logging out business would disconnect from sharing sites–UGH!

Now their switch feature is even more accessible than Twitter’s! Amazing what coding can do.

Journalism: Free Press photo helps define Flint tragedy for nation Free Press/USA TODAY NETWORK)

A photo journalist, Regina H. Boone, had one of her photos of a young child in Flint, Mich. suffering from the water tragedy featured on TIME Magazine.

I am so amazed at the work so many journalists do when tragedy strikes and news happens. Ms. Boone went above and beyond to get these photos, which truly illustrate a fate no one would want to see their families face.

Politics: Rising Stars: 18 members of America’s next political generation

I ran across this huge story of interviews with American high school students who are working hard to become politically active and to make change. It inspired me to think about what I’m an advocate for. Due to reading about how informed these kids are, I also signed up for a Politico newsletter to update me on the latest political news. Information is key!

Sports: NFL bans players with domestic violence convictions from scouting combine TODAY Sports)

This is probably for the best.

My work: No decision yet on Decoy’s future County Advocate/USA TODAY NETWORK)

This is a saga of a dog who was seized by Door County on the basis of mistreatment. The dog, Decoy, has been with the local Humane Society for over a month, and the issue has gone to court. It’s an interesting series of events, which has yet to come to a conclusion.


Thank you for checking out these links, I hope you were informed. What have you read this week?



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