Newstastic Tuesdays: Nature

Hey there friends! Nice to see you again this lovely Tuesday, and thanks so much for stopping by!

I wanted to treat myself by taking a minute to blog about some news. I’m going hyper-local this week to the Door County/Green Bay area. If you have no interest in the following articles, read on, because I plan reflecting on, you guessed it, nature.

The News

+First, S/O to my reporter-gal Samantha Hernandez (follow her on Twitter @svhernandez) for her multiple months of work on a fascinating mystery focused on a missing person from 50+ years ago. Her investigative saga was made into two stories, both of which are being eaten up by the residents of Northern Door County. Read it. It’s awesome.

Part I: The mystery of John Kodanko

Part 2: The search for John Kodanko

+Second, here is my evaluation of how we millennials are fighting for the good jobs.

READ: Wisconsin faces bringing millennials into the workforce

+Third, we Wisconsinites can drink. Is this embarrassing or “part of the culture?” What do you think?

READ: Drunkest city in US? Wisconsin cities make up most of Top 20

Now, let’s talk about nature.

Yesterday, I had an awesome day at work. Right away in the morning, I jumped in the car and traveled nearly two hours from my home in Green Bay to conduct an interview in Sister Bay. The Door County Advocate’s resident photographer Tina Gohr and I finished our main task and then found ourselves “working” in a newly blooming cherry orchard in Fish Creek (that is pronounced Fish Crick for you non-locals).

Under the premise that we needed to get a shot of the trees to illustrate the beginning of blossom season (which is worth the trip to the peninsula for you tourists), we spent a good half hour walking through loveliness that is a cherry orchard in full bloom. We ended up finding an old tractor and antique truck, both of which were positioned in front of a big red barn.

It was quintessential Wisconsin. I was in an outdoor enthusiast’s heaven.

alyssa at lautenbach 1

Tina got a “glam” shot of me being awkward in a too-pretty location.

Walking through the trees, having a good time, seeking out bees to photograph and simultaneously avoiding and just enjoying the Earth was liberating after such a long winter.

Later in the afternoon, I tromped out into an alfalfa field near the lakeshore. Wearing my muck boots, in the company of other agricultural peoples, I felt a connection to home. For the rest of the day I thought of only my family and the farm. Wondering if Dad’s hay looked this good, if the corn is all planted, when can I go home and help him… I ended up sending him a text with a photo of the alfalfa in it.

Being outside on a sunny spring day reignited a dying coal of a love of the outdoors. I realized I need to be outside more, and you should too! I mean, it’s nice out! GO EXPLORE! I’m already planning a kayaking excursion, a primitive camping trip and new running routes to local parks.

What are your favorite things to do outside? I want to find new adventure-related hobbies! Help me out!

Cheers to Spring,

Alyssa B.


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