The Apps of a Journalist

I don’t know about any of you other journalists out there, but I’m very selective of which apps I download on my phone. It also seems I have very limited space for an excessive amount of apps due to all of the photos and videos I’m taking for work and at home.

While looking through the Journalist’s Toolbox on the Society of Professional Journalists website, I noticed a link to Mashable’s top 100 iPhone apps. Out of curiosity, I looked it over. I was blown away at all of the apps I saw on the list that I’ve used and subsequently loved or deleted.

My limited number of apps are primarily used for work, and I wonder what other apps journalists cannot live without. Please let me know if you use these or use others in your work!

Apps of Me

My phone screen on Dec. 29. Don’t judge the notifications.

Here are my top 10 apps that will never be deleted. Listed from least used to most frequently used.

10. Sunrise

I like this calendar app for appointments. I don’t always use it, but it links to Facebook and Google+ making RSVPs a breeze. I have yet to use the desktop version, because I’m a die hard physical planner user, especially for work interviews. However, it is easy to use when planning on the spot.

9. iMovie

Once you figure out how to use it on your phone, you are unstoppable when it comes to making interesting and informative news videos. Working at a newspaper, I’m not producing videos every day, but it’s a great tool when I need it. Here is the last video I made: Tug Flip at Bay Ship

8. Periscope

Oh my, Periscope, I do love you. I have found that the ‘Scope is excellent for broadcasting interesting weather encounters I have in my work. Being that Door County is located on a peninsula, there is always something cool going on with the weather. I’ve broadcasted heavy obnoxious rains, fluttering snow falls and even dense fog. It’s mostly for fun, but I’ve found it also helpful in sharing video at important meetings or events. AND it links to Twitter. (Follow me on Periscope @alyssabloechl)

7. Google Drive

The G-Drive could be considered one of my besties. I use this bad boy every day at work for rough story drafts, forming question lists and more. I also use it to help me organize my life with charts, power points and never ending folders.

6. Instagram

Of course Insta is on my list, with its capability to share to Facebook and Twitter, we can reach a lot of different readers easily. Photos have such a large power, and at the Advocate we share responsibility in posting “behind the scenes” shots, news worthy moments and story prequels. This app is a must for all journalists and newsrooms. (Follow at dcadvocate)

5. Google Maps

What a gem. This baby gets me around the vastness of Door County. No explanation needed.

4. Facebook Pages Manager

I use this daily to help monitor the newspaper’s Facebook timeline. This is also a shared responsibility between reporters and editors in my newsroom. My only suggestion to users is to turn off notifications, otherwise you will be constantly checking the app. I like to check it when I feel like it, while also being able to easily monitor it for swear words in the comments (they are not tolerated on our page). It also makes for easy link and photo sharing.

3. Google Photos

I dropped Dropbox when Google Photos became amazing earlier this year. Unlimited storage, search capabilities of all nouns and an assistant that makes animations, videos and photo stories for you. Just find a WiFi connection to upload from your phone.

2. Twitter

I’m a big fan of Twitter. It allows for easy news updates, hashtag searches, multiple photo uploads and more. Not sure on the future of Twitter, but it’s a vivacious tool when reporting breaking news. Twitter chats are also the best. #muckedup on Tuesdays is all about journalism, check it out!

1. CloudMagic

This is my email app. After doing research on integrative mobile email apps last year, I chose this one. There are loads of capabilities to it, but I love that I can switch between my work email and personal email quickly. Easy deleting and drafting makes my emailing epic.

If you are a journalist, farmer, writer, creative, business person or any professional phone user, please give me input on my choices and offer up suggestions to what apps you love to use for work!

Thanks for reading,

Alyssa B.